Monday, May 29, 2017

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but did victor frankenstein actually have a phd

no one’s answered my question


IMAGINE HEARING ABOUT THE DUDEBRO LIVING NEXT TO U IN THE DORMS “yah dave dropped out cuz he built a fucking person”

victor frankenstein was a little bITCH and he had no degree at all, he was at college for like, a year and then he was like “lol these bitches ain’t got nothing on me” and he just got an apartment and stopped going to school so he could build a person. i don’t think he even formally dropped out, he just kind of disappeared and nobody even questioned it because that’s what you expect when some cocky asshole comes to class like “i know more than everyone in this school and one day i’m going to prove it by ending dEATH ITSELF” 

fucking bullshit victor, come home and eat some goddamn soup you wussass teenager 

fucking trashass motherfucker 19 year old sin machine

go get ur liver pecked by birds u mess of a human being

i am never going to let the world forget that victor frankenstein spent 90% of the novel moping instead of doing literally anything else. actual quote from emo kid victor frankenstein “my only solace was silence - deep, dark, deathlike silence” like HOW EXTRA

You’d almost think Mary Shelly was taking inspiration from someone she knew….

Leave Lord Byron alone

Lord Byron deserves what he gets and he knows it

May 29, 2017 at 09:31AM

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