Wednesday, April 5, 2017

jagodibuja:Best way to say goodbye to the most greatest and...


Best way to say goodbye to the most greatest and misunderstood console of the last years. This console gives you everything, free retrocompatibility even in controllers! (For god sake you can even play with a gamecube control here!) Free online play (i asure you i had more problems playing online with the plus of playstation than the wii u) a great catalogue of games (you can say anything you want but the games of nintendo always worth) and playing with the pad was a real experience (seeing the maps and items in the screen in your hand is another level). I feel a little dissaponited seeing how many people that call herself “gamers” talk bad things about this jewel but belive my words. In the future we will see back in time and will see with nostalgic this console as what it was. A treasure! #wiiu #nintendo #legendofzeldabreathofthewild #jagodibuja

April 05, 2017 at 02:50PM

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