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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

k-eke: Hello everyone. So today I have sad news to bring to you,...


Hello everyone.

So today I have sad news to bring to you, I’ve been plagied.

I had some messages there telling me if I made a game that I released lastly, knowing I didn’t I asked no and wanted to know why many people asked me this, then they gave me a link to the Facebook page of the company :


I looked on it, and directly saw the icon that is, quasi my little pigeons I animate bouncing, then I was like “ mmm … maybe they were inspired but they could ask for permission because it’s way too similar for my taste, it’s really like my animations”  then I saw the videos and it was terrible.

You may already what I animate, but when I saw the video of the gameplay, I had no words.

All of my motions, bouncing animals, Dancing frames are exactly the sames !!

They totally copied my art !!!

So I contacted them, I wanted to be sure, they replied me that it’s for game and that my art is for animation so it’s not the same. Sigh 

So I told my friends about it, many tried tu put messages to discuss with them, no success. Some even were blocked when they put proof of my work.

I’m lost, I didn’t sleep last night because of this, I contacted lawyers and got some explanation, so it’s still going but I have to deal with it and I wanted you to know my current situation.

I share this with you because I’m an artist, this kind of thing happen to us WAY too often and I want to act, for me, for you, for any artists on the internet!

It have to stop!

I have so many proofs on my blog, but also you know me and my art well. 

I can’t let this pass and stay there.

Please be aware of this and tell people that it’s total plagiat of my art.

Thank you.

March 27, 2018 at 06:05PM

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